Your Mundane Life

What Amazing Things in Your Life Have You Made Mundane?

There are two realities… Objective, like this chair I am sitting on, and perceived, the ideas discussed while sitting on this chair.

By changing “perceived” reality, we transform objective reality.

For example… If I told you that only a Sage is allowed to sit on this chair, it may have a different reality for you than let say if, I offered it to you to sit on. You might think its sacrilege that I’m sitting on it… you might put a flower on it and play some soft music, keep the area clean.

What was ordinary or mundane may suddenly, be somehow transformed into something sacred…. Religion, culture, even countries are created from thoughts and ideas.

After enough people accept these ideas, they become what we call reality.

This is perception… and Objective realities are formed by perceptions.

What ordinary or mundane things are happening right now, that are nourishing your life?

has the Sun rising this morning become ordinary and mundane?

Has the very breath you don’t need to even think about become ordinary and mundane?

Shall I go on?