Untapped Power and Your Subconscious Thoughts

An Elephant's Thoughts

When a baby elephant is being trained, its leg is tied to a post with a strong rope, so No matter how hard and how long the baby elephant pulls, it can’t budge the post. The baby elephant ultimately comes to associate the rope with an all-powerful, immovable force.

When the elephant becomes an adult, simply placing a rope around its leg causes it to stay put because it has already resigned itself to the “powerfulness” of the rope. Even though the adult elephant has the strength to break any rope or uproot nearly any post, it’s the belief of limitation it acquired from past programming in its childhood that keeps the elephant immobile and docile.

In light of the power of this developmental “programming,” we might ask: “Which stories and beliefs acquired in our childhood are keeping us unconsciously tethered, disempowered, and thwarted from expressing our true abilities?

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