Just Notice

What Are You Doing with your Mind? Just Notice!

Albert Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

We don’t quite consider this guy a sage yet, but people like him seem to elevate the further away we get from them in time and space so let’s give it another 1000 years or so. So Einstein was really smart…

and people think they don’t have the capacity that Einstein had… you might think you aren’t smart but we’ve all had flashes or insights of genius…

It wasn’t necessarily Einstein’s intelligence - it was what he was doing with his mind. He sat in that arm chair wearing that goofy sweater and he created “thought experiments” the math came later… actually his insights were instantaneous,

He employed his personal mind (conscious mind) and all its abilities to explore this and other dimensions and create the mathematical equations so that we could understand,

if he had worn in a loin cloth and was sitting in a cave doing these thought experiments… we would have said he was praying or meditating… assigned some super natural feats to him and either worshiped or killed him.

But he’s a possibility of what you are capable of…

What are YOU doing with YOUR mind?

Just notice… what are you doing with your mind?

This is the essence of mindfulness… just notice!

Nothing to do… just notice!