Buddah’s Day of Enlightenment

Pournami – The night of the full moon

“The Full Moon has risen within me.  Look at the change in me.  Just be here.” - The Buddha

On this auspicious day more than 2500 years ago…

After years of starving himself and torturing his body, a young seeker attempted to cross the Niranjana river but had become so physically weak he got caught in the current and couldn’t take one more step so he just stood there in the middle of the river holding on to a dead tree branch… some say for days.

It was in that moment, he realized that what he is seeking is within himself, so why all this struggle?

All that was needed was absolute willingness and it’s right here. Why all this struggle and searching?

When he realized this, he mustered enough energy to take that step, to walk across the river and sit under the now famous Bodhi tree.

Gauthama sat under that tree with the determination that, “Unless the Ultimate happens I will not move. Either I get up as an Enlightened Being or I will die in this posture.” And in a moment he was there because that is all it takes.

And as the full-moon was rising… just like the one tonight, He became a fully enlightened Being.

So its today’s full moon that we celebrate Gauthama the Buddah’s enlightenment.

He’s not the only one… and we don’t celebrate him because of some religious dogma but because he showed us what is possible… that you and I can overcome the limitations of the mind.

If we look back on his contribution to the world, it can be wrapped up in Loving Kindness… not by conquest of another but by conquering himself. To overcome his limitations…

The moon is rising… are ya gonna stay stuck in the struggle? Or are ya gonna cross the river and become something new?

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