Mindset Evolution Method (MEM) ?

The Mindset Evolution Method (MEM) is a thoughtful synthesis of the most effective practices and modalities designed to quickly evolve the beliefs, actions and life outcomes of clients.

MEM Evolver was developed by Michael Mulkey to help business leaders, creative artists, athletes, and individuals rapidly remove their life blocks and challenges with “minimal efforting”.

The MEM Difference?

It’s Fast – Experience verifiable results in your first session!

It’s Simple – We’ll identify and transform self limiting beliefs blocking your growth and potential.

It’s Personal – This is deep transformational work. Sessions are private and confidential.

It’s Forever! -The results from sessions are powerful shifts in your awareness, thoughts and actions. Your shifts will produce ripple effects in your work, relationships and life. The transformations are yours to keep FOREVER. No one can take them away from you… ever!

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MEM Path Offerings

MPowered (Membership)

Per Month
  • – Up to Five 2 Hour Sessions per month

  • – Highest Level of Support from Michael

  • – Life Goal Partnering with Michael

  • – Priority for Scheduling Sessions

  • – Remote Yantric Energy Sessions from Michael as wanted or needed

  • – Work on any area of your life

  • – Priority Live and Virtual Event Access

  • – 12 Month Personal Commitment to the process. Cancel within first 30 days

Mastery Sessions Package

Six Session Package
  • – Six 1.5 Hour Sessions w/ Michael

  • – Quickly tap into your Superconscious mind to remove limiting subconscious blocks in a matter of minutes

  • – Mastery Sessions are designed to focus on elevating personal beliefs, performance and connection to your own personal power

  • – Work on any area of your life that needs attention

  • – Package Sessions can be used anytime over a period of 90 Days

Balance Session

Per Session
  • – 1 Hour Private MEM Session w/ Michael

  • – Quickly tap into your Superconscious mind to remove limitations and subconscious blocks in a matter of minutes

  • – Balancing Sessions focus on specific issues, conditions, crisis or situations where you want to elevate quickly

  • – Work on any area of your life that needs attention

  • – Perfect for periodic maintenance and personal alignments

MEM Knowledge and News

Mindset Evolution Method

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